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After your donation has been made, you will receive an email with a virtual e-card that you can send to the recipient so they are aware of the donation made in their honour.

Hallie Rodney

When I first gave my grandfather a canvas I had painted, he told me it brightened his days, especially now that he cannot have visitors. This is what inspired me to want to share my art with others who are in the same situation. I hope these pieces of art brings warmth to your heart and brightness to your soul during this unimaginable time. 

Carly Green

Painting has taken up a lot of my free time in the last two years of my life, especially this style of ‘fluid painting.’ I am donating these images of my artwork to those in need of something a little abstract. The world today is far from ideal, and my art can’t instantly change that. But I am hoping my artwork sparks someone’s creative side, brings a smile to their face, and distracts them for just a moment because that is what it does for me.

Inacio Family

Hoping that our artwork can brighten your day even just a little and sending love and positivity your way during this difficult time,  from our family to yours!

Naomi Cohn

Daniel Freedman

Alexandra Rodriguez

Hoping to spread some joy and positivity by capturing the beauty of nature and sharing it with others during this time!

Sydney Shereck

I hope that you enjoy this artwork and it can make you smile and brighten your day! Get well soon!

Li-elle Rapaport

“Dirt Road” and “Community”

Taylor Schweizer

Sarah Yang

My name is Sarah, and I’m going into my 3rd year studying Health Sciences at McMaster.
I am definitely no artist, but I’ve always really enjoyed trying new things, so when the quarantine came around, I knew this would be such a good time to explore!!
I’ve realized that I cannot draw things out of my imagination, but I CAN copy a painting exactly off of google images. I’m so happy with how these turned out and had so much fun painting (they were done with my friends and with a little wine of course) and I thought Arts for the Hearts would be such a great place to share my attempt. I really hope my painting brings joy, inspiration, or makes your day a little brighter 🙂

Jordana Ansel

During quarantine I have been working on two types of art: embroidery and quilling. Quilling is taking paper and rolling it into little swirls, then you glue it on paper in different shapes. The first quilling project I did was a heart, and then the more I practiced, the more complicated projects I could make. The one that took the longest was my recreation of starry night by Van Gogh.

Kreyzerman Family 

We have been painting for four years, filled with much happiness, thanks to the beauty of art. This activity has helped us in a variety of ways, from releasing tension to bringing joy to our days. We hope that these pieces do the same for you and remind you that although this is a difficult time, there will be many more joyful moments worth cherishing.

Best wishes 

Julia Labricciosa

I’ve created a couple simple wallpapers so that patients can be reminded that people are thinking about them each time they look at their phones. The butterfly symbolizes hope and the orchid is my way of sending a virtual flower arrangement to brighten their day.

Amanda Brotman 

I chose to paint this hot air balloon paint by numbers since it resembled positive outcomes. To me, my painting gives me a sense of hope, especially during these difficult times. For many people, their goals and plans have changed, but like the hot air ballon you adjust your pathway based on the wind and wherever life takes you, you move on and keep going up! 

As for my pictures of Elmo and Kermit, they were just painted to make myself and others smile, because how can you not smile when you look at it! 

Kelly Rein

Emma Litner

Hila Shnitzer & Jake Brill

This camp scene has an aura of tranquility and peacefulness that is unparalleled anywhere else. It is our happy place and we want to transmit these feelings onto whoever comes across it 😊

Aidyn and Olivia Kimmel

Maddy Prosserman

Jordyn Gelbloom

Rachel Altman

This is my first real art piece and I had a lot of fun making it! I really want the good energy and laughs that went into painting this to radiate to anyone who needs it 🙂

Alexa Amar

Sarah Lodge

Joelle Somogyi

Audrey & Jenny Shiner

Shelly Bronizer

Shelby Wu

Zane Fletcher & Hallie Rodney